Clara Soley and Nina Tonoli of Wiener Staatsballett dancing for Casanova Sorolla's Signapura project in the aula of Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

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Natalie Kusch, principal with Queensland Ballet.

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I’ve been thinking about why and how I use different social media platforms and ended up writing it down. I could tell you smart stuff with SIO, SEO, conversion rate - bs too but that is really boring so here is the simple version in a nutshell:

Me personally, I love Instagram because it serves me as a ghetto diary for random stuff. If you aren’t a friend of mine it might have its share of wtf!? moments as it does indeed involve pictures of food, me sitting in the sun and other stuff boring old people like to do. Some ballet and photography thrown in as I experience it but else it is pretty much a mess of everything. A “for friends” fun thing where I don’t really care for numbers of followers or appearing really clever (which is really hard being me anyway). Seems to be common and as a result people tend to be a lot more human there than anywhere else. I like that.

Tumblr is the best ego platform. It is great because it allows sharing of content without me feeling ripped off. If some megapage shares photos from my tumblr hits “pass through” and sometimes those photos end up with a lot of interaction. Randomly getting 1000s of favs/reshares on old photos without doing anything is nice. The only platform that kept working while I was gone for a few months. Plus, it is simple, which is always a bonus. Fun, not so much.

GooglePLUS performs a whole lot better than I imagined it to. Handling is the worst of any social media platform in my opinion (I think it made me cry once) and it is pretty much impossible for me to follow anyone there (sorry) as it is a mess of groups, individuals I follow, strangers etc. Still, some people figured that out and now use it to communicate in a nonspammy way. I’ve had some good conversations with people there, more than on any other platform I think.

Twitter is dead. Noone seems to actively use it here except for journalists, politicians and social media consultants telling you to use it so they aren’t alone. I was too slow to follow IRC chats when I was 20 years younger, I am even slower now so scanning through masses of snarky one-liners for something worth reading is pretty much impossible for me. Still, if you follow me there, you will have my full attention as you belong to an elite group of about ten people. I will know you by name and notifications still get my heart racing!

Behance, ohhhh I love Behance. It is my only real consumer platform. Lots of creatives, lots of amazing work, usually a very good level. The place I go to to look at other people’s work. My own stuff either explodes there or doesn’t even pop up at all, but it really doesn’t matter. For me graphic design is usually more interesting to look at than photography so the mix of both there is great.

YouTube Proximity to cats turns me into a choking high fever halloween pumpkin with peeling off skin so I tend to stay away from Youtube. Plus, avoiding cats, it is still a mean time sink. They cleverly follow up interesting videos with other interesting videos when one is done, and I could watch videos on Fibonacci artichokes, pandigital numbers etc for hours, or weeks, WITHOUT EVER GETTING ANY WORK DONE!

Facebook Well. “Mixed”. Obviously, it is where the “real” people are who don’t care for social media. (They should be on Instagram instead but think it is just an app to make cellphone photos even worse. So everyone is on FB). Personally, I keep my profile small, it is pretty much all people I know in the real world. It is subscribeable if you are interested in the photography part and don’t know me, which seems to work better than the page. Both page and subscribers are pretty anonymous to me as it is just too many and Facebook is pretty much “scroll through and drive-by-like” consuming without much interaction. Still, most people I meet in person for the first time have seen the pictures there before so reach is definitly unbeaten. Plus, I made some actual friends there with people who wrote smart comments or messages and got me talking (or just had hot profile pictures. jk. Well, maybe). Bottomline, it wouldn’t work without Facebook, but it does not really excite me anymore like Instagram or Tumblr.

Your favorite platform and why?

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Last november I did something I never thought anyone would ever convince me to. I did a three day 1 on 1 workshop for a very persistant australian photographer. This is one of her results she just finished, beautiful Reina Sawai of Vienna State Ballet by Liz Riley.

The whole thing was pretty intensive and consisted of a portfolio review, watching a ballet from the wings, going out with the dancers, shooting two demi soloists of Vienna State Ballet in the studio under my guidance, experiencing a live performance of four ballerinas from SND for an art project of my friend Casanova Sorolla, post production and many hours of Q&A. Turned out to be a great experience for everyone involved!

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your photos are beautiful!! do you sell prints of them?

Absolutely! Send me a mail through the website to check availability please!

Wow, your Tumblr is absolutely amazing. Love every detail of it! Simply stunning photography... Can't wait to see more! All the best from Germany

Thank you for the kind words! More is in the works! All the best from Austria!